Money Wheel(s) or Big 6 Wheel(s)

"Place your bet spin the wheel pick the right one win a prize. We've got a wide selection of wheels. Easier Hardier and some in between. Feeling lucky?" Big Six, otherwise known as the "Wheel of Fortune", is played on a large vertical wheel. There are inlaid dollar bills of various denominations. The player bets on which denomination the indicator will stop on. The following table shows the betting options, payout odds, number on wheel, and the house edge. Big Six House Edge Bet, Pays, Number on Wheel, House Edge $1 1:1 24 11.11% $2 2:1 15 16.67% $5 5:1 7 22.22% $10 10:1 4 18.52% $20 20:1 2 22.22% Joker 40:1 1 24.07% Logo 40:1 1 24.07%


6'L x 4'W x 6'H

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